New Philanthropic Partnership

YPF is excited to announce our philanthropic partnership with Genesys Works, a nonprofit that trains low-income high school seniors in professional skills, and provides them a corporate internship during their senior year. Genesys Works also helps these economically disadvantaged students with the college application process – from applying online to financial aid and scholarships. We believe that Genesys Works’ mission fits well with YPF’s philanthropic goals. If you are interested in becoming involved, please email us at

 Genesys Works Logo

Mission and Impact

The mission of Genesys Works is to enable economically disadvantaged high school students to enter and thrive in the economic mainstream by providing them the knowledge and work experience required to succeed as professionals. Genesys Works’ goal is to break the cycle of poverty and change the trajectory of life for low income students from one destined to a lifetime of low-wage occupations to one where they will fully participate in the economic mainstream as skilled professionals. 

In its eleven-year history, Genesys Works has impacted the lives of more than 1,300 Houston-area high school students.  At the conclusion of Genesys Works’ 14-month program, over 95% of the students in the program go on to postsecondary education (including 2 and 4 year colleges) as compared to half of the graduates from HISD.  Eighty-six percent of Genesys Works’ program graduates persist beyond their first year of college, and 73% are either still actively in college or have finished their degree. 


High school students who are accepted into the Genesys Works program invest eight weeks of their summer in Genesys Works’ intensive training program.  Genesys Works’ training includes technical skills in one of three career tracks—information technology, engineering/drafting, and accounting/finance—as well as professional and communication skills that will be vital to their success in the workplace.  Students who successfully summer training are assigned to work 20 hours a week in meaningful, paid internships at major corporations throughout their entire senior year, and return to Genesys Works one evening a week for active guidance on work performance, college access, and scholarship applications. 

Throughout the program, students realize first-hand that they can indeed thrive in a corporate environment and can achieve a much higher standard of living by pursuing a professional career.  With this knowledge, along with the continuous guidance from the Genesys Works staff, they significantly redefine their long term goals and set plans to pursue them.  At the conclusion of this transformative program, students graduate from high school with significant corporate work experience, plans to attend college, and financial aid plans in place to achieve their degree.

Win-Win Model

The key to Genesys Works’ success is its win-win model: companies benefit from reliable, motivated and cost-effective resources while students get to experience a life-changing opportunity. And, because companies value the services the students provide, they pay a rate that covers 72% of Genesys Works’ expenses, requiring only 28% from philanthropy, a powerful model of economic self-sufficiency for non-profits.  Nearly half of all Fortune 500 companies in Houston engage Genesys Works’ students and over 90 percent renew their commitment year over year.  With its innovative model, Genesys Works has gained national visibility as a leading example of social entrepreneurship.  Forbes Magazine recently named Genesys Works’ founder and CEO Rafael Alvarez to its Impact 30 list of the world’s top social entrepreneurs, and President Barack Obama has identified Genesys Works as an example of social innovation that must be replicated across America.